Kayla & Sam here!
I am the owner/creator of Samson Strands & Stones! I am originally from London, KY a small town in eastern KY, and currently live in Campbellsville, KY. I have always had passion for art, and creating things, in fact the only awards I ever won in high school were for Art. Painting, crafting, and creating has always been a side hobby and something I always did as an outlet for my creative juices in my free time. It wasn’t until COVID-19 hit, that I actually was able to turn something I always loved doing when I had spare time into more. During this time I held a full time job at a hospital, as well as a part time job instructing fitness classes at a gym me and my other half own downtown here in the heart of Campbellsville. When COVID hit, it hit us both hard. I was laid off, and our gym was forced to close, and I was suddenly left with nothing but free time. To say this time was a blessing in disguise, is almost true. Our business is still recovering from the shut down, but I was able to create something to help us get through these times I never imagined would still be making it this far. Samson Strands and Stones literally started in my living room during what this generation will probably recall as one of the craziest pandemics. I started creating jewelry to pass time and calm my anxiety through the unknown and uncertainty, and it blossomed into my saving grace. It brought me so much happiness to create something new, and ship it out to someone else out there going through the same craziness we all were, and the happiness it brought them receiving it. Something I made. Thats why when I say Samson Strands and Stones is hand made with love and happiness, it truly is. I truly love making every piece because I know it is going to make someone happy. And I love happiness :) So thank you for stopping by and I hope I get to make something that will bring you happiness one day!
BTW- Thats Samson, the inspiration behind the name :)