Sandra Eubanks- Maker behind Knits&Pearls. Bringing you hand knit and crochet beauties.
Midwest Homeschool mom of 5 ( with baby 6 due in November).
I took up knitting out of boredom about 10 years ago . I learned the basics from a Sister at the Convent where I live but she passed away shortly after my first project. I found knitting to be therapeutic and a good way to occupy my time so I didn’t want to let it go. Years after my best girlfriend introduced me to crochet. It was then that I was “hooked!” I’m grateful for the knowledge of both knitting and crocheting and the inspiration each style brings. 
I opened up an Etsy shop recently and have had much fun offering a collection of makes to others. However I never want the business side to take over the joy I have for making and sharing a little bit of myself with others.